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Lesson Learn'd

I tell you one thing, it'll never happen again make sure when you get a marketing person, that person actually know what she or he is doing and not doing research at the time you are asking them to do a task. My marketing specialist pump faked on us, have us believing they was the world, had me believing they was authentic.. just to find out everything she did for us turned into a negative nightmare for my company. Set up our social medias and had my company located in Taiwan, when she knew good and well, we located in the United States. That was just stupid, purposely done. Manipulated everything. With her being a marketing specialist, but she was still getting paid though. We pump faked on her and got her assets up out of here.

 With her, we earned literally $0. Us doing it on our own, we are for 6 months, we earned multi digits and some change.


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