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BloodLine StreetWear

Apparel Care 

To get the most out of your BLOODLINE Apparel we have come up with our recommended apparel washing and drying guide. 

How to Wash your BLOODLINE Apparel.


  1. When washing your apparel, it's best to turn them inside out before you wash.

  2. Wash your apparel using cold water. Use Gentle Washing powder or liquid. 

  3. On your washer settings turn it on the most Gentle setting also washing the least amount of time. 



Now For best Drying results 


  1. It is highly recommended that you air dry your apparel. 

  2. Do not dry in direct sunlight to prevent fading. 

  3. Drying your apparel with NO heat will provide the most longevity to your garment. 

  4. When ironing your apparel remember to make sure that the garment is reversed inside out.

Our Guarantee​

Every Order is Printed Per Your Approved Design!​ Our primary focus has been on accuracy, quality and expedience. The customer experience plays a massive role in our day-to-day operations. Customer satisfaction is at the top of our list of core company values, and we’re always looking for better ways to make our customers’ purchasing experiences better than ever. We double check every item made to make sure its no less than perfect.

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